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Planning a crane job requires a complex preparation. Customer requirements are challenging, local conditions difficult, lifting capacity limited.
Manitowoc in cooperation with CRANIMAX supports you in exactly this challenge with the software solution CRANEbee.



CRANEbee is a tool for crane job planning that allows you to insert your cranes into a construction site environment using realistic and interactive 3D crane models. While observing interfering contours, the optimum crane is always selected based on your entered parameters, thus reducing transport and set-up costs. Professional project drafts with precisely calculated ground bearing pressures guarantee the safe feasibility of the project. Furthermore, the software solution offers features such as CAD interfaces or Tandem-Lift.

的 CRANIMAX team is pleased to support you with all your user questions, from installation to daily use.

License overview

  • For all Grove All-Terrain crane types up to and including 200t you will receive the database of the registered crane for free. If your company does not have a current version of CRANEbee yet, you will also receive a free license.
  • For all Grove All-Terrain crane types from 250t you will receive the database of the registered crane and additionally one (1) free license CRANEbee.
  • For all Manitowoc crawler cranes type MLC300 and MLC 650 you will receive the database of the registered crane and one (1) free license CRANEbee with the two features CAD interface and Tandem-Lift.


的 license also includes (for 12 months after registration):

  • Software revisions
  • Updates of load capacity tables and crane specifications
  • Technical 支持

Please note that each crane model is authorized for registration only once.
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